Monday, August 11, 2014

Vacation and a Chess Cake

Recently we went to Wisconsin for a family vacation, and we had a great time!  Besides visiting a waterpark, we also went hiking.  Wisconsin has beautiful scenery and much more pleasant weather than Kansas, and I love being outdoors hiking.  We also went to the Rick Wilcox magic show.  It was fantastic--definitely 5 stars!  *****  I highly recommend attending this show if ever you are in Wisconsin Dells.

Chess Board Game Cake
I wanted to share another cake idea I made.  This is a chess cake, and it was inspired by these candy molds I found on Amazon.  I had a lot of fun making this cake, although it was time-consuming, and I need more practice to make the squares and lines more exact.  Using the candy molds and chocolate and vanilla candy melts, I molded each chess piece.  This was the time-consuming part since the mold only had spaces for four pawns, and I needed eight pawns of each color.  Thus I had to make four at a time, wait for them to dry, and begin again.

I ended up using two chocolate cakes to create a large enough "board" to fit all of the pieces.  I then drew the game grid on the cake with a fine tip and black icing.  I filled in each square with either chocolate or cream cheese (just because that is what my family prefers, but any white icing would work) icing.  To fill in the squares, I began with a fine tip and spread the icing evenly with a knife.  After all of the chess pieces were dry, I placed them on the "board."  It was quite fun to make!

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