Thursday, November 20, 2014

Soap Carving

A few years ago I gave my oldest three children two books entitled Carving in Soap:  North American Animals and Soap Carving for Children of All Ages.  I believe both of these books I found on Amazon.  These books provide an introduction to carving, but instead of teaching with knives and wood, which is more difficult to carve, the author uses soap and tools made from Popsicle sticks.  He gives step-by-step instructions and pictures, explaining to the readers how to make any necessary tools.

My boys had no problems following the author's directions, and each one soon had a set of tools and began experimenting with their new craft.  The pictures show some of their creations; other carvings were given away as gifts.  While the author often leaves his carvings white, my  boys always chose to paint them.

Heart, robin, Notre Dame helmet, Christmas tree

Robin, butterfly, Christmas tree, heart

Immaculate and Sacred Hearts and chalice

I have a book for the next step:  wood carving.  It is entitled Carving for Kids:  An Introduction to Woodcarving.  However, I have not given it to them yet.  I want to acquire the necessary beginning tools for the projects in it.  We do have two pairs of gloves already, though, which do an excellent job of protecting their hands against any accidental slips.  (These are not necessary at all for soap carving).

Enjoy, and God bless!

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