Monday, April 13, 2015

An Easter Season Wreath of Virtue

I meant to write this post at the end of Lent, so you would have the idea to begin on Easter if you wanted to, but somehow :) I got busy and did not get it written.  Luckily the Easter season lasts fifty days, so you still have plenty of time to have your family transform your plain brown grapevine wreath into a beautiful Easter symbol.

+              +                +                +                +

Beginning with Easter Sunday, with all of the thorns now removed from our grapevine wreath, the crown takes on a new meaning. Easter Sunday morning may find the empty wreath dotted with a few flowers, representing graces and redemption our souls received through Christ’s Passion, death, and resurrection. 

Now the crown becomes a gift of offering to God once again, but throughout the Easter season the offerings are kind deeds, instead of sacrifices, done out of love for and offered to God. For each kind deed a single flower, preferably not real flowers as they need to last all fifty days of the Easter season, is inserted into the now empty crown in hopes of covering each brown, lifeless branch with glorious color.

I hope you enjoy this simple, but beautiful activity.  Our family always enjoys watching the crown transform through their kind acts.

God bless!

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