Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wizard of Oz Birthday

 As promised, here is the first of three birthday posts I have been meaning to write for nearly a year!  Last year Moira had recently discovered the Wizard of Oz, which has a special link for Kansas girls, right?  :)  Anyway, due to this, she requested an Oz themed birthday celebration.  

Ever since Finn's hobbit themed birthday, the younger kids look forward to an "adventure," or treasure hunt, on their birthdays.  The older boys are great about helping me plan these, even acting out different characters from whatever theme has been selected.  It is always fun to watch their creativity!  Unfortunately I did not keep the clues to the Wizard of Oz treasure hunt, but I do have some of the activities included in the adventure, in case you might want to use them.  I will try to remember as best as I can.
  • To begin the adventure, I created a rainbow from paper that I placed on the floor.  Upon entering the house, the kids (Erin, Moira, and Finn) had to step over the rainbow, where they received a small bag of skittles, and thus entered Oz.  Immediately they were greeted by the the Lollipop Guild (my three older boys) who sang the Lollipop Guild song to them and awarded them with suckers.  It was great---one of those moments I wish I had recorded.  I love watching the older boys make the younger kids' day.
  • Next the trio followed some (paper) yellow bricks until they stumbled upon the scarecrow.  To solve the clue related to the scarecrow, the kids had to solve a small jigsaw puzzle together.  Once completed, they were awarded with a treat ( I think pretzels, representing straw). 
  • They continued following the clues  until they reached the tin man.  The activity for this stop was to tape a heart to the tin man picture while blindfolded.  They each took a turn doing this.  I simply found a picture of the tin man without his heart, cut out hearts, and attached a piece of tape.  They also had to complete a kind deed for one another.  Once this activity was completed, the group received a small piece of chocolate.  (Heart shaped chocolates would work perfectly).
  • Next the clues led to an activity for the cowardly lion.  The kids had to show bravery by reaching into a bag without looking to find what was inside.  Finn completed this task for the girls, who warned him not to do it.  He pulled out a small stuffed animal, much to their delight.
  • Finally the group arrived at Oz and met the Wizard, who was played by Riley.  He told them in a booming voice that he could not help them until they returned with the witch's broom.  Of course this meant they ended up throwing a cup of water on the witch, kindly played by another brother, "melting the witch" and retrieving the broom.
  • When they returned to the Wizard, he awarded them each with a diploma for a job well done in Wizard of Oz clue solving, a plastic medal for bravery during the adventure, and a (paper) heart medal for kindness.  He also awarded them each with a hot air balloon, which was created using a paper cup for the basket and attaching a balloon to it with string or pipe cleaners. ( I forget which I used).  The cup held their final treats and represented Dorothy's ride home.  Since we all know Dorothy missed her balloon ride, the trio had to repeat her famous words of "There's no place like home," while being led by their brothers to the front door once again.  The front door was now labeled Kansas, so they returned home.  Hopefully that all makes sense.  :)

For Moira's cake I found this idea online and imitated some of the ideas.  It was simple, but fun to make!  I especially loved the melting witch effect under her hat and the ruby slippers.  Moira loved the whole thing!  The extras (hat, broom, wand, and slippers) were made from colored fondant, and the rainbow I made from M&M's.  It turned out to be a fun day for the birthday girl!  The work is always worth it when I see their expressions at the details.  :)


God bless!

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