Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Meditations in Preparation for Advent

As Advent quickly approaches, it is an ideal time to begin preparing for this blessed season.  Our wonderful Fraternity pastor included the following meditation in last Sunday's bulletin; I wanted to share it with you.  You can find the entire pamphlet here.

The Coming of Christ--Meditations for Advent  --by Richard F. Clarke, S.J.

"The Dangers of the Careless Soul"

1.  There is in human nature a fatal tendency to procrastinate, especially when that which we know we ought to do is something to which we are naturally disinclined.  All men are naturally disinclined to do violence to themselves and force their pride and self-will to yield before the sway of Christ, to put on His yoke and carry His Cross. Hence, men put off and make excuses to themselves and fancy that what is difficult to them today will be easy to them tomorrow!  O fatal mistake!  Each day that we postpone the task of submission, it becomes more difficult, more distasteful.  Why then do I not hasten to submit myself entirely to Christ?

2.  From day to day the careless soul thus goes on putting off, crying: "Tomorrow I will amend my ways;" and when tomorrow comes, it still cries: "Tomorrow."  How fatal is this folly!  Tomorrow may never come, or if it comes, you may have forfeited the grace.  "Today, if you will hear His voice, harden not your hearts."

3.  This postponement is always accompanied by some deliberate disobedience to the commands or to the holy inspirations of the Spirit of God.  Thus, the careless soul becomes more engrossed in earthly things and more and more disinclined to make the necessary effort.  Thus it is that so many will be surprised by the coming of their Judge at the moment when they least expect Him, and are quite unprepared to meet Him.  O Jesus, save me at any cost from the deadly state of the careless soul!

I just wanted to ask everyone to keep Donald Trump in their prayers this Advent season and daily.  God has given this country not only an opportunity for a reprieve from the total grasp of the devil, but also a chance to improve the moral state of our country.  However, we must pray for our leaders.  Many people seem to have given up on Trump before he even begins, but as we all know, prayer is so powerful!  We can convert our leaders and our nation, but we must pray and sacrifice for this intention.  

God bless!

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