Friday, April 21, 2017

For Divine Mercy Sunday

"I am Love and Mercy Itself. There is no misery that could be a match for My mercy, neither will misery exhaust it, because as it is being granted – it increases. The soul that trusts in My mercy is most fortunate, because I Myself take care of it."  
--Jesus to St. Faustina

In 1933, God gave Saint Faustina a striking vision of His Mercy.  Sister wrote, "I saw a great light, with God the Father in the midst of it.  Between this light and the earth I saw Jesus nailed to the Cross and in such a way that God, wanting to look upon the earth, had to look through Our Lord's wounds, and I understood that God blessed the earth for the sake of Jesus."
Of another vision on Sept. 13, 1935, she wrote:
"I saw an Angel, the executor of God's wrath... about to strike the earth...I began to beg God earnestly for the world with words which I heard interiorly. As I prayed in this way, I saw the Angel's helplessness, and he could not carry out the just punishment...."
The following day St. Faustina was taught the prayers we know as the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  Jesus said later to Sister Faustina, "Say unceasingly this chaplet that I have taught you. Anyone who says it will receive great Mercy at the hour of death. Priests will recommend it to sinners as the last hope. Even the most hardened sinner, if he recites this Chaplet even once, will receive grace from My Infinite Mercy. I want the whole world to know My Infinite Mercy. I want to give unimaginable graces to those who trust in My Mercy... .  When they say this Chaplet in the presence of the dying, I will stand between My Father and the dying person not as the just judge but as the Merciful Savior."

Divine Mercy Chaplet

***On rosary beads begin with the Sign of the Cross, 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and The Apostles Creed.

***Then on the Our Father Bead recite the following prayer:
Eternal Father, I offer You the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly beloved Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, in atonement for our sins and those of the whole world.

***On the 10 Hail Mary Beads recite:
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.
(Repeat step 2 and 3 for all five decades).

Conclude by reciting three times:
Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.

God bless!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Prayers Requested

As you probably realized by now, my schedule did  not remain as I thought it would.  Instead of birthday and feast day posts, I have a prayer request.  Last week I delivered our newest blessing from God ten weeks early by emergency c-section.  (I have not chosen an online nickname for him yet).  He is in the NICU but is doing well.  Deo gratias!  Please keep him in your prayers that he may daily grow stronger and healthier and be able to come home to our family as quickly as possible.  Please also pray for a speedy recover for me and for my entire family to have extra strength and patience during this time.  May God reward you for your kindness.

Our Lady of Perpetual Succor, pray for us!

God bless!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Consecration to One's Children to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!  I pray you are having a holy, joy-filled Christmas season!
I did not mean to stop blogging for so long.  The last few weeks have been busy, but very blessed.  I plan to post more regularly again and hope to write a few extra posts in addition.  I do have two birthdays coming up--one this week and one next--so hopefully I can keep up with my plans.  😊
Remember you can find prayers for Epiphany and other related posts here, here, here, and here.  I also have a prayer request I would greatly appreciate you to include in your prayers.  I am currently expecting our seventh child, a boy, and until now this pregnancy has been going wonderfully.
However, I had an appointment with my doctor today (a week early because I have been experiencing quite a few headaches lately) and discovered my blood pressure has begun to climb again.  My doctor prescribed blood pressure medicine (labetalol), which I took with Erin.  Please pray the pressures improve or remain steady and do not develop into preeclampsia as they did with Moira and Erin.  My due date is mid-March, so please pray I can make it to term and our newest addition remains healthy.  Thank you so much!  May God reward you!
As I was thinking of our little one, I thought this post would be a perfect time to provide a prayer to consecrate one's children to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  What could be more helpful to the spiritual life of our children than to consecrate them to the Holy Family, asking them to watch over and guide them!  January seems a very fitting time to pray this consecration.  It is recommended that parents pray a consecration for their children at least once during their lives, but it would also be a wonderful tradition to pray this consecration for your children yearly.

+               +               +
Consecration of One's Children to Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
(Adapted from a prayer by St John Eudes.)

O Jesus, only Son of God, only Son of Mary, I come to Thee as an unworthy parent, and I humbly consecrate to thy Most Sacred Heart, now and for eternity, the soul of my child (name). I surrender him/her to Thy sweet yoke and place him/her at the foot of Thy Cross. I offer Thee for him/her the most loving Heart of Thy Most Holy Mother Mary, which is more precious and pleasing to Thee than all hearts, and I beg Thee by her merits to show Thyself to him/her a Savior.

O Mary, Mother of Jesus, I come to Thee as an unworthy parent, and I humbly consecrate to thy Most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, now and for eternity, the soul of my child (name). I offer Thee for him/her the most adorable Heart of Thy Son Jesus, who is the life, love and joy of Thy own Heart, and I beg Thee by the infinite merits of the Divine Son, Thou who art our Mother in the order of grace, to obtain the grace of salvation for my child.

O glorious St. Joseph, I come to thee and ask thee to take under thy special protection my child (name). I consecrate him/her to thee today, that through this consecration he/she may become your foster child. Guard him/her, guide his/her steps in life, and form his/her heart after the Hearts of Jesus and Mary. O glorious St. Joseph, who felt the tribulation and worry of a parent when the child Jesus was lost, protect him/her for time and eternity. May you be his/her father and counselor. Preserve him/her from the corruption of this world, and obtain for us the grace to be united in heaven forever. Amen.

Blessed be the Most Sacred and Loving Heart of Jesus and the most Immaculate Heart of Mary in eternity and forever.  Amen.  St. Joseph, pray for us.  Amen.

God bless!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Wishing You a Blessed Advent!

I hope to get the remainder of my birthday posts finished up over the next few weeks as well as this year's St. Nicholas ornament post.  Until then, however, I wanted to share a beautiful Advent hymn.

"O Come, Divine Messiah" stems from the old French Christmas hymn, "Venez divin Messie." It is a popular hymn generally sung in Traditional Catholic churches during  Advent.  You can listen to (most of) this beautiful Advent hymn here.

O Come, Divine Messiah

1. O come, Divine Messiah,
The world in silence waits the day
When hope shall sing its triumph,
And sadness flee away.

Dear Savior, haste! Come, come to earth.
Dispel the night and show Your face,
And bid us hail the dawn of grace.
O come, Divine Messiah,
The world in silence waits the day
When hope shall sing its triumph,
And sadness flee away.

2. O Christ, Whom nations sigh for,
Whom priest and prophet long foretold,
Come break the captive fetters,
Redeem the long-lost fold. [Refrain]

3. You come in peace and meekness,
And lowly will your cradle be;
All clothed in human weakness
Shall we Your Godhead see. [Refrain]

God bless!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Traveling through Advent toward Christmas

With Advent upon us, I wanted to leave you a few links to Advent prayers/meditations that can already be found on Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
The St. Andrew Christmas Novena prayer is one of my favorite Advent devotions.  It begins tomorrow, November 30, on the feast of St. Andrew and continues until Christmas.  If you would like to learn more about this beautiful prayer, the following post discusses it in more detail:  St. Andrew Christmas Novena prayer.

+               +               +               +               +

St. Andrew Christmas Novena Prayer
(recite 15 times daily)
Hail and blessed be the hour and moment in which the Son of God was born of the most pure Virgin Mary, at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold. In that hour, vouchsafe, O my God! to hear my prayer and grant my desires (requests may be mentioned here), through the merits of Our Saviour Jesus Christ, and of His Blessed Mother.   Amen.

+               +               +               +               +

An additional Advent prayer is the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  This prayer, also a novena, begins on December 16 and ends on Christmas Eve.  It brings to mind the Expectation of Mary as Christ's birth draws near.  The feast of the Expectation of Mary is historically celebrated on December 18 and is one of the Church's most ancient Advent festivals of our Lady.  
This prayer reminds the faithful to honor Mary for her Fiat to our Lord and praises our God for His Incarnation.  As we wait for the birth of our Lord on Christmas, may we also be mindful of our Lady's joyful waiting, for she also eagerly awaited Him, her Son and her God, Whom her entire being adored and desired to serve in all things.
The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

"Drop down the dew from above, you heavens, and let the clouds rain the Just One! Let the earth be opened and bud forth a Savior!" (Isaiah 48:8).
O Lord, how wonderful You are everywhere in the world! You have made for Yourself a worthy dwelling-place in Mary!
***Recite 1 Glory be.

"Behold, a Virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and His name shall be called Emmanuel" (Isaiah 7:14).
"Do not be afraid, Mary, for thou has found grace with God. And behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb and shalt bring forth a Son; and thou shalt call His name Jesus" (Luke 1:30).
***Recite 1 Hail Mary.

"The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee, and the power of the Most High shall overshadow thee; and, therefore, the Holy One to be born shall be called the Son of God. But Mary said: 'Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it done unto me according to thy word'" (Luke 1:35).
***Recite 1 Hail Mary.

Holy and immaculate Virgin, how shall I praise you as I ought? You have borne in your womb Him Whom heaven could not contain. You are blessed and worthy of veneration, Virgin Mary, for you became the Mother of the Savior while remaining a Virgin.
***Recite 1 Hail Mary.

Mary speaks:  "I sleep and my heart watches . . . I to my Beloved, and my Beloved to me, who feeds among the lilies" (Song of Solomon 6:2).

Let us pray.  Grant, we beg of You, Almighty God, that we who are weighed down by the old yoke of sin, may be freed by the new birth of Your only-begotten Son for which we long. Who lives and reigns forever. Amen.

Sing or Recite the following hymn,

"Alma Redemptoris Mater."
Mother of Christ,
Do hear your people's cry,
Star of the deep
And portal of the sky.

Mother of Him
Whose hand your glory made,
Sinking, we strive,
And call to you for aid.

Oh, by that joy
Which Gabriel did bestow;
O Virgin first and last,
Your tender mercy show.

Let us pray.  O God, You willed that Your Word should take flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the message of an angel; grant us, Your humble servants, that we who truly believe her to be the Mother of God, may be helped by her intercession with You. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

God bless!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

In Thanksgiving for Heavenly Helpers

I pray all of you have a blessed, joyful Thanksgiving Day!  If you are interested in prayers of thanksgiving to God, the following links will provide you with such prayers on Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam.
While I realize there are no feasts on the Church calendar this week dedicated to the angels, our heavenly helpers, I feel this week of Thanksgiving Day would be a fitting time to honor them and thank God for them.  It would be wonderful to thank the angels for their continual service to us.  At times we may remember our Guardian Angel who remains with us each moment of our lives, and sometimes the Archangels Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are remembered in passing on their feasts.  However, do we truly recognize all they do for us? What of the other angels?
God created nine choirs of angels, each angel being distinct from all others.  As Fr. Paul O'Sullivan wrote in All About the Angels,
"The Angels are pure spirits, the mighty Princes of Heaven who stand before God, gazing on His unveiled presence.  They are burning fires of love, filled to overflowing with the plenitude of happiness.  The Angels are the perfect images of God, mirrors of His Divine perfections, reflecting His love, His beauty, His Holiness, His Power, all His Divine attributes and perfections, but each Angel in his own special way.  No two Angels are alike, no two are equal.  God's perfections are infinite, and the countless millions of Angels reflect these perfections in a divinely marvelous way."
To learn more about the nine choirs of Angels, I encourage you to read the information on the following links, which are all part of the Catholic Tradition website.  The information is marvelous and helps the reader began to grasp the immensity of love and aid we receive from these heavenly helpers.

Nine Choirs of Angels: Section 1
Nine Choirs of Angels: Section 2
Nine Choirs of Angels: Section 3

May we take to heart the advice of Pope St. Leo the Great: "Make friends with the holy Angels." These heavenly servants of our Lord possess generosity and love for us like no other, remaining as our constant friends, our protectors against the malice of the devils, and upon our entrance into heaven, our companions amidst the glory of God for all eternity.  May we strive to remember all of the angels, on their specific feast days, on Tuesdays, which are devoted to them, and on the feast of our Lady, Queen of Angels, upcoming in December.  However, may we also strive to be aware of their presence throughout each day, recognizing their help and love, honoring them and honoring God through them.  The following prayer is one devotion we can use to honor all of God's angels.  The details behind the prayer is awe-inspiring, and the prayer is quite beautiful.

+               +              +               +               +

St. Michael, appearing to the Servant of God, Antonia d' Astonac, revealed that he wished to be honored by nine salutations corresponding to the nine choirs of Angels and that an Our Father and three Hail Marys should be said in honor of each of these nine choirs. The Archangel promised that whoever would practice this devotion in his honor would have, when approaching the Holy Table at Mass, an escort of nine Angels from each of the nine choirs. In addition for the daily recital of these nine salutations, he promised his continual assistance and that of all the holy Angels during life and after death for those who have been holy enough to warrant a short Purgatory, deliverance for themselves and their relations.

The Chaplet of St. Michael and the Angels

V. O God, come to my assistance.
R. O Lord, make haste to help me. Glory Be.

I. Salutation --- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Seraphim.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Seraphim, may the Lord make us worthy to burn with the fire of perfect charity. Amen.

II. Salutation --- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Cherubim.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Cherubim, may the Lord grant us grace to leave the ways of wickedness and run in the paths of Christian perfection. Amen.

III. Salutation --- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Thrones.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Thrones, may the Lord infuse into our hearts a true and sincere spirit of humility. Amen.

IV. Salutation --- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Dominions.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir Dominions, may the Lord give us grace to govern our senses and subdue our unruly passions. Amen.

V. Salutation --- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Powers.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir Powers, may the Lord protect our souls against the snares and temptations of the devil. Amen.

VI. Salutation --- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Virtues.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Virtues, may the Lord preserve us from evil, and not allow us to fall into temptation. Amen.

VII. Salutation -- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Principalities.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Principalities, may God fill our souls with a true spirit of obedience. Amen.

VIII. Salutation -- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Archangels.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Archangels, may the Lord give us perseverance and Faith in all good works in order that we may gain the glory of Heaven. Amen.

IX. Salutation -- 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys: in honor of the Angels.
By the intercession of St. Michael and the celestial Choir of Angels, may the Lord grant us to be protected by them in this mortal life and conducted hereafter to the eternal glory. Amen.

Then Recite:
1 Our Father in honor of St. Michael.
1 Our Father in honor of St. Gabriel.
1 Our Father in honor of St. Raphael.
1 Our Father in honor of your Guardian Angel.

O glorious Prince St. Michael, Leader and Commander of the Heavenly Host, Guardian of souls, Vanquisher of rebel spirits, Servant in the house of the Divine King, and our glorious Guide, thou art brilliant in holiness and power.
Deliver us from all evil, for we turn to thee with confidence and enable us by thy gracious protection to serve God more faithfully everyday.
V. Pray for us O glorious St. Michael, Prince of the Church of Jesus Christ.
R. That we may be made worthy of His promises.

Let Us Pray.
Almighty and everlasting God, since in Thy infinite goodness and mercy Thou desireth the salvation of all men, Thou hast appointed the most glorious Archangel, St. Michael Prince of Thy Church. Make us worthy, we beg of Thee to be delivered by his powerful protection from all our enemies, that we may not be overcome by them at the hour of death, but that we may be conducted by St. Michael into the holy presence of Thy Divine Majesty. This, we beg through the merits of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

God bless!

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