Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Act of Reparation for Blasphemies Uttered Against the Holy Name

The second Commandment tells us, “Thou shall not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.” Still often during our day, we hear the name of God said irreverently, out of carelessness, anger, or lack of concern. May we remember this commandment of God and strive to ensure our use of the Lord's Name is only spoken with love and reverence!

This Name 'that is above all names' is the source of joy in the hearts of the faithful, the source of miracles, as worked by the Apostles “in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ,” the source of our salvation, and even the source of terror for demons.

As St. Bernard of Clairvaux wrote,
“If we call to our minds the Name of Jesus, it brings before us His most meek and humble heart, and gives us a new knowledge of His most loving and tender compassion. The Name of Jesus is the purest, and holiest, the noblest and most indulgent of names, the Name of all blessings and of all virtues; it is the Name of the God-Man, of sanctity itself.” 

The saints often wrote that the simple recitation of the Holy Name of Jesus, said with true love and devotion, is a source of great joy to God, our Lady, and the angels. With this knowledge also comes the realization of the sorrow that must arise when the Holy Name of God is used irreverently. The month of January, dedicated to the Holy Name of Jesus, is a fitting time for the faithful to make an act of reparation for these blasphemies spoken against our Lord's most sweet and powerful Name.

Act of Reparation for Blasphemies Uttered Against the Holy Name

O Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer, Son of the living God, behold, we kneel before Thee and offer Thee our reparation; we would make amends for all the blasphemies uttered against Thy holy name, for all the injuries done to Thee in the Blessed Sacrament, for all the irreverence shown toward Thine immaculate Virgin Mother, for all the calumnies and slanders spoken against Thy spouse, the holy Catholic and Roman Church. O Jesus, who has said: "If you ask the Father anything in My name, He will give it to you," we pray and beseech Thee for all our brethren who are in danger of sin; shield them from every temptation to fall away from the true Faith; save those who are even now standing on the brink of the abyss; to all of them give light and knowledge of the truth, courage and strength for the conflict with evil, perseverance in faith and active charity! For this do we pray, most merciful Jesus, in Thy name, unto God the Father, with whom Thou livest and reignest in the unity of the Holy Spirit world without end.   Amen.

God bless!


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