Tuesday, April 21, 2015

St. Catherine Prayer for the Church and Priests

On April 30 (new calendar is April 29) Holy Mother Church honors St. Catherine of Siena. From a very young age St. Catherine experienced heavenly visions which helped develop her intense love for God. She vowed never to marry, but instead give herself totally to her Lord. Through a life of penance, service, and prayer, St. Catherine led many souls to Christ, helping them in the spiritual and physical needs out of love of Christ. She spent much of her thirty-three years traveling to advise political and spiritual leaders, even guiding the decisions of two popes to help strengthen the Church against attacks from Satan.

St. Catherine of Siena had a great love for the Holy Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ. Because of this deep love and the desire for all men to follow God's will, Catherine endured intense suffering; Christ gave her His Wounds, the stigmata, which she willingly accepted to offer for the Church. At other times, she endured beatings from demons, again offered for Holy Mother Church. St. Catherine spoke, “Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

On St. Catherine's feast day and throughout our lives, may we strive to know and fulfill God's will for us, praying and sacrificing for love of Him and His holy Church, just as St. Catherine of Siena worked unceasingly to accomplish.

Prayer for the Church and Priests
My Lord, do not look upon my sins, but hear Thy servant through the clemency of Thine inestimable charity. When Thou left us Thou didst not leave us orphans, but Thou left us Thy vicar and Thy ministers who give us the baptism of the Holy Ghost; and not only once, but always, through Thy holy power they wash our souls from sin.

O eternal Piety, may Thy vicar and all ministers be hungry for souls, may they burn with holy desires for Thy honour, may they remain with thee always, because Thou are the almighty and the eternal goodness.  Once again, eternal God, sanctify these Thy servants so that, with simplicity of heart and a perfect will they may follow Thee and Thee alone. Do not look upon my misery, but place them in the garden of Thy will.

I  know, eternal God, that Thy arm is so strong as to be able to free the Church and Thy  people, to pull them out of the devil's hands, and to cease all persecutions against the Church. I know that the wisdom of Thy Son, which is one with thine, can illuminate the eye of my intellect, that of Thy people and lift the darkness from Thy spouse the Church.

I thus supplicate Thy almighty power, O eternal Father, the wisdom of Thine Only-begotten Son, the clemency of the Holy Ghost, fire and abyss of charity, so that Thy mercy may be given to the world and that there may be the warmth of charity with peace and union in the holy Church. I pray that Thine infinite goodness will lead Thee not to close the eye of Thy mercy upon Thy holy spouse. Sweet Jesus, loving Jesus.  Amen.
--by St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena receiving the Stigmata from our Lord

God bless!


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