Monday, June 6, 2022

Blessed Carlo Book Review

 "To always be united to Jesus--this is my life's plan."--Blessed Carlo Acutis

Recently I was asked by Holy Heroes to review the book Blessed Carlo Acutis: The Amazing Discovery of a Teenager in Heaven by Sabrina Arena Ferrisi.  Before reading this story, I had only heard of the name Blessed Carlo Acutis, but I did not know anything about this 15 year old Italian boy.

Blessed Carlo Acutis is a fairly simple read, although it is 106 pages in length.  Most 3rd grade and older kids could read this book themselves, but younger children would also enjoy it being read to them.  Since Blessed Carlo is a more modern individual, the book is filled with photographs of him as he grew up.  In the past the Saint books I have read were in a story format, but this book is written in more of a informational manner.  The style difference does not detract from the story of Blessed Carlo, however.  His life is interesting and quite inspirational.  I did notice a few details that I felt the author would have benefitted from more precise writing, but again they are quite insignificant to the overall story.  For example, at one point Ferrisi writes, "After receiving his first Communion, Carlo went to Mass every day from the age of seven until he died at the age of fifteen.  On the rare occasions when he could not go to Mass, he would say a prayer of spiritual communion."  These two statements contradict each other.

Overall Blessed Carlo Acutis is a very interesting book, and I think most people would enjoy reading it.  He was widely known for his great charity for all people, his immense love and devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and his love for the Blessed Mother.  The book makes it clear that Blessed Carlo was a boy with normal interests, but he was not ordinary.  The word holiness means set apart, and Blessed Carlo, although enjoying similar interests to his friends, was set apart with his focus on God, always striving to live and use each moment of his life to serve God in some way.  

"Holiness is not a process of addition, but subtraction, the less I am, the more I give space to God."  --Blessed Carlo Acutis 


Currently you can preorder Blessed Carlo Acutis: The Amazing Discovery of a Teenager in Heaven.  Holy Heroes has generously offered my readers 15% off this new book, the Blessed Carlo Glory Story CD, and Blessed Carlo coloring book.  Use the code Carlo 15 to get the discount on these products.  With the feast of Corpus Christi on June 19, Blessed Carlo would be a fitting youth to read about, learning more about his great love of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

God bless!

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